Burma ram Ralkap nih uknak phung hramhram in an lak mi kong ah duhlonak aphunphun in kan langh ter cio.

Burma ram Ralkap nih uknak phung hramhram in an lak mi kong ah duhlonak aphunphun in kan langh ter cio. Atu lio I an hman mi cu “civil disobedience” a dik lo mi nih nawl pek mi kan ngai lailo ti asi. Mah hi ti I a dik lo mi nawl ngaih lo hi hma a kal kho nga mi asi. Ralkap nih uknak kan duh lo i kan doh kan duhlo tiah ti sawhsawh lo in zeitin dah hi ralkap uknak in kan luat khawh lai timi ruah ahau. Atu lio ah Ralkap uknak in kan luat khawh nak lam a um rih mah cu a tang lei hna hi an si. Rian rang te in tuah a hau mi an si.

1. Civil disobedience timi adik lo mi nawl peknak kan ngai lailo kan ti asi ah cun State le Region pawl I uktu ah tuanvo an pek/khinh mi hna nih kan cohlanglo, asilo ah nawlneih nak tuanvo ka lak nak in ka chuak tiah ah ti ah cun mah cu “civil disobedience” hmual aneih nak ding ah a hram pi asi. 2. Mah cu ti bantuk in State le Ramtthen I hruaitu hna kan chonh biak tik hna ah va ral chan le va au khuan hnawh si lo in a nemnak te in va chimh ruah I va lem soi ding an si lai. Nan mah nan tuahser nak nih hin minung million 60 nunnak hi ralkap uknak chung in a humhim khawh tiah ti ding. Ralkap uknak cu a chiakha tuk mi asi ti cu nangmah le keimah nih kan theih tluk te in an mah zong nih an theih ve ko.

3. Ralkap chung ah hin mitha le mithalo an um. Ralkap zapi an chiakha dihlo. Keimah pumpak in ka ton balmi ralkap bawi mi thinlung ttha tampi an um. Mah hna kha bia a ruah kho mi nih bia ruah in atu Min Aung Hlaing nih a tuah mi hi ram caah ttaht nak asi lo caah hi a thil tuah mi nan el,nan doh I mipi sin nan ttan ah cun Burma ram le mi tampi Ralkap uk nak sal cung in a chuak kho lo mi chanh chuah tu nan si lai tiah va chimh ruah ding.

4. Burma ram Catholic hruaitu Cardinal Charlese Bo nih cun a dirhmun a langh ter cang. Biaknak lei hruaitu dang a bik in Kawl ralkap nih an upat mi Buddhist phungki hna nih lam kal tu ah an ttuan I, ram mipi caah tthatnak a chuah nak ding caah Ralkap le political party hna karlak ah a tthat rem nak in lam kal tu an si kho. A chawn bia kho mi poh nih chonh biak ding asi.

5. 2020 thim nak ah atling mi parliament member pawl nih parliament hi an auh khawh. Parliament auh nak ding ah Parliament in theng asi a hau lo. Khoi ka poh ah an itong kho. An iton I constitutions nih a ti ning in quaram an tlin ah cun Parliament speaker an thim khawh, cu hnu ah President an thim lai I cozah an dirh khawh. Cer tual zong ah iton khawh asi. Parliament building inchung theng ah an itong lai ti aum lo.

6. Tlangcung hriamtlai bu hi Kawl cozah he kah deih nak le political biaruah nak le hna tlak nak a nei mi kan si. Atu I a cang mi hi kawl ralkap le Kawl political party, kawl ram ah an buai mi asi. Chin ram, Shan Ram, Kachin Ram, Karenn ram he pehtlaih nak a um lo na in nan mah he kah daih nak le political dialogue a tuah mi kan si caah nan karlak ah tlangtla tu kan in ttuan piak hna lai. Tiah ti nak lam aum ko.

Civil Disobedience and the possible solutions, The civil disobedience is a very effective strategy if it is practice at the fullest extends. It is good to see that the people of Burma come together at one in condemning and opposing the military taking power from the civilian government. In order to effectively cripple the military regime’s administration system, the following steps needed to be taken immediately.

1. The civil disobedience must starts with the head of States and regions head of administrators. They should refuse the appointment from military, or even if they have already accepted it, they should resign from the post. This is where the civil disobedience begun most effectively.

2. When approaching the head of States and Regions appointee, please do not be confrontational. Be courteous, polite, and tell them that their action in refusing the military appointment can save the lives of over 60 million people from military rule (hell. As we all do, they know what it is like).

3. Remember that there are always good soldier and bad soldier. Appeal to the good soldier to do good things for the people. I know, personally, that there are many good soldiers within the Burmese military regime. Approach them and tell them that their actions in opposing Gen. Min Aung Hlaing’s coup d’etet can repair the image of Burmese army, save lives and save the country from the hell that the people of Burma have endure more than six decades.

4. Religious leaders whether they are Christians, Islam or Buddhist can serve as mediator to reverse the military from going forward. Especially, the Buddhist monks can serve as effective mediator. We all can forgive each other wrong doing. Because no man is perfect and we all know that.

5. The elected parliamentarians can convene the parliament whenever, wherever. It does not have to be in the parliament building. If there are enough parliament members, they can elect the speakers of the house and they can elect the head of state according to the 2008 constitution.

6. Last, not but the lease, the current political crisis in Naypiday is power struggle between the Burmese military and the Burmese majority political party. Thus, the neutral party Ethnic Armed Organizations who are in ceasefire agreement and political dialogue with the Burmese government can serve and mediator to find a peaceful democratic transition. Credit: Salai Bawi Lian Mang