Breaking News: US Nuclear Weapon Agency Hack A Tong

BREAKING NEWS: ๐”๐’ ๐๐ฎcl๐ž๐š๐ซ ๐–๐ž๐š๐ฉ๐จ๐ง ๐€๐ ๐ž๐ง๐œ๐ฒ ๐‡๐š๐œ๐ค ๐š ๐“๐จ๐ง๐ 
Kan hnungte i federal agencies 12 hrawng hack an ton lio ah khan US nuclear weapons a bultawltu Energy Department and National Nuclear Security Administration i an networks zong hack a tong ve, tiah theih a si. DOE an chief information officer Rocky Campione nih hack an tonnak kong a chim le cangka, Thursday ah khan DOE le NNSA officials pawl nih hack an tonmi kongah thawngthanhnak tuah an thok colh ve. New Mexico le Washington ah a ummi Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Sandia le Los Alamos national labs i an networks siseh, cun NNSA ah a ummi Office of Secure Transportation le DOE i Richland Field Office hna i an networks pawl hnursuan an tong ko rua, tiin lunghrimhnak a um. A dang agencies pawl nak hmanh in hin FERC ko hi hackers pawl nih an hrawh khun i, faaktukin hack an tonnak teteh cu officials pawl nih thatein an hmuh.

Faaktukin hacking a um caan paoh ah federal level in tawlrelnak ngei kho dingin a bawmchantu hi Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency an si i, tutan zarh chungah hin CISA hi faaktuk in hack a ton caah, bialehnak dingah a herhmi thazaang (resources) pawl ai damhkhaan kho ti lo kho men, tiin officials pawl nih an chim. Cucaah cun, FERC hi amahtein ai ukmi agency hmete si ko hmanhsehlaw, hack an tuahmi a hlathlai khawhnak hnga, DOE nih a herhmi thazaang a bomh a pek lai, tiah officials nih an chim. CISA director hlun Christopher Krebs telhchih in, kan hnung zarh hrawnghrang ah khan Trump a cozah nih CISA i top officials pawl rianin a dinhter hna, asiloah a phuah lawlaw hna. Zeibantuk hackers pawl nih dah kan cyber hi an luhhnawh khawh i, thil an fir khawh, timi he pehtlaiin kan hnung hrawnghrang vialte cu networks hmangin federal investigators pawl rian an tuanti hna. Hackers pawl nih a chungthilri an bihzoh khawh le khawh lo hi DOE nih nihin tiangah a thei kho rih lo. Hlathlainak an tuah lio pi cu a si ko i, zeituak dah a chungril an bih khawh, timi an theih khawhnak dingah cun zarh tamial te an rau rih lai, tiah an chim.

Hackers pawl nih hin a biapimi kan defense system hi cu an luhhnawh kho lem lo, tiah hlathlaitu pawl nih an chim, tiin DOE aiawhbiachimtu Shaylyn Hynes nih a chim. โ€œTutiang ko rih ah cun, business networks lawng hi ningcanglo in an tuah khawh rihmi ah a cang i, National Nuclear Security Administration telhchih in, kan department ah a biapimi national security riantuannak pawl hi cu an him ko rih. Hack a fawimi software ah DOE nih an ruahmi paoh cu khulrangtein an zuanhnawh ve i kilvennak an tuah colh ko hna. Hack dingah a fawimi a si, tiin an ruahmi software paoh cu DOE network in an phoih dih hnaโ€ tiin Hynes nih a chim.

DOE an hack khawhmi nih hin US national security a chungril tiang pehtlaihnak a tuahtu networks an hack khawh, ti a langhter. A zaza in a tammi Cozah le private sinah IT management products a zuartu SolarWinds hi software company a si i, hackers pawl nih cun an software an tuaitampiak cikcek hna hnu ah federal agencies pawl an network hi luhhnawh hna sehlaw, a dawh in an chim. Hi thawngpang hi the House and Senate Energy committees, House and Senate Energy and Water Development subcommittees, House and Senate Armed Services committees sin le, the New Mexico and Washington State delegations sinah chim dingin Thursday ah khan DOE officials pawl timhlamhnak an ngei. โ€œHi kong hi nai te taktak lawngin khan a ralsa ven awk kan theih ceu a si,โ€ tiin Wednesday i hmunkhat biachimnak an ngeih lio ah CISA, FIB le Office of Director of National Intelligence nih an chim.

โ€œTutan thil sining hi kan kalpi lio pi a si. Zeitukin dah hack an kan tuah, timi kan hlathlai lio ah kan federal cozah networks chung tiangin an luhhnawh cang hi kan vun theih khawh ceu a siโ€ tiin an chim. Aho set nih a kan hack, ti hi US nih an langhter rih lo. Asinain, cybersecurity experts pawl nih cun Russia intelligence services a nehnang a si an zumh. NNSA hi nuclear weapons tawlrel tuanvo ngeitu a si i, DOE budget chungin phaisa tambik a hmangtu zong a si. Civil nuclear power le nuclear weapons he ai pahtlaiin Sandia le Los Alamos National Labs nih atomic research an tuah ti ve. Office of Secure Transportation nih hin uranium thenhnak rian siseh, nuclear bomb bultawlnak he ai pehtlaimi a dang thilri kongkau zong tuanvo a lachih tu a si.

Hackers pawl hi kauduh huap kho dingin an suur an cheh i, Washington state i a ummi nuclear thilri thingtaal pawl an ponnak Hanford nuclear inn le lo tuanvo a latu DOEโ€™s Richland Field Office tiangin an suur an hei cheh. WWII le Cold War lio ah khan US nih a ngeihmi plutonium vialte lakin cheuthum cheuhnih tluk hi cuka hmunhma in cun a sermi hna an si. Asinain, 1971 hnu in cuka hmunhma cu an mang ti lo. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission hack an tuahnak a ruang cu US nih ai ngeimi mangtara a electric network hi hnahnawhpek an duh le si. FERC nih hin meitha a kalter ning kongah direct manage a tuah lem lo. Asinain, hihnu hmai lei i hnahnawhpek hna a um sual bangah, tiin a network ah cun didee a thei khomi data pakhat a tunh ve, tiah theih a si. Credit: Chelsea Bawi